Little Rome - Italy

  • Lot Type: Generic
  • 64X64 lot size
  • $651,000 (Furnished)
  • Required packs: 
    • Eps - Get to Work, Get together, City Living, Cats and Dogs & Seasons
    • GPs -  Outdoor Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Vampires, Parenthood & Jungle Adventure
    • SPs - Perfect Patio, Spooky, Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden, Kids Room, Backyard, Vintage Glamour, Toddler Stuff & My First Pet
  • CC free
  • Part of my Build the World project. Be sure to follow all the progress.
  • This is an small recreation of Rome, so your sims can visit it's famous places and travel the world. Everything is made following the mediterranean style of houses and pictures so it looks as identical as I could. What monuments can your sims visit?
    • Fontana Di Trevi, just in the middle of the street your sims can find this fountain. The traditions says that throwing a coin will make your sims lucky. Will they dare to try it?
    • Partenon's dome is one of the amazing places your sims will be able to visit. It use to be a roman temple that became a catholic church, and that save the building from i's destruction.
    • Coliseum is the most famous place on Rome, and now your sims can visit the ruins too. Will they find a gladiator fighting a lion? Who knows....
    • Piazza Navona is the perfect place to eat a gelate while taking pictures of the landmarks.
  • To install the lot, download the ZIP file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy it's contents into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray
  • Make sure to have moveobjects enabled before placing it

Onedrive (Tray Files)

If you want to install it from the Gallery, search for kaibellvert (Origin ID) on the Gallery

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