Let's talk about my Patreon page, since some of you have asked about it.

You can find it here. I created it a few months ago for those who wanted to support my work. A few of you donate me money so I could upgrade my computer and create bigger and more detailed buildings, and I felt bad that I could not give you anything more in exchange. It is my way to say thank you to those who want or can support me.

So now, let's clarify some stuff that and questions you've asked me.
  • Will we have to pay for your buildings?
No. My content will always be free. You can download it on TS4 Gallery, as always, or on this blog downloading the Tray Files. No one is making you pay for my stuff. 
Patreon is a way for people that want and can support me, to get something more in exchange. If you don't want to, no one is forcing you. 
Also, there will NEVER be anything Patreon Exclusive. 
  • Why don't you get a job?
I'm currently working as a babysitter and private teacher while I'm finishing my degree, and also spending time in a laboratory. So yeah, I don't have a lot of time to get another job.
As I've said a few times, creating some of those buildings take a lot of time and effort. An small house can take up to 5 hours to plan and build, anothers buildings like Hogwarts take up two entire weeks. 
I'm trying to improve the internet conection of my house because it sucks and sometimes I have to go to someones else's house so I can upload the Tray Files to Onedrive. The instalation of the fibra óptica (to increase the conection) costs a lot and I'm saving so I don't depend of someone else to upload my creations. 
  • What do we get if be became Patreons?
There are five different rewards, it depends of what you prefer. You can have a look at them here

So yeah, those are the main things that you've all asked me. As I've said, my content is free for anyone, be aware of that because I've find a few simmers uploading my creations to places where you have to pay to dowlonad. I've created this Patreon for people who wanted to donate, if you can't or don't want to it's perfectly fine. I think everything you've asked is answered on this post. 

Anyway, soon (hope it can be next week) you'll have my latest build for download on TS4 Gallery, blog and Patreon page. 

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